EST 1901

Once a mining town, the power of the human spirit saw Tullah redeveloped as a Hydro village.

The two "suburbs" of Tullah are a physical reminder of the two histories which still play out today, with the older northern, mining suburb and the younger, more planned out southern "Hydro" suburb.


Beyond the range of mobile signal

Originally called Mt Farrell, Tullah was once only accessible by foot, horse or the Mt Farrell tramway - now the Wee Georgie Wood tourist attraction.

During the construction of the Pieman hydroelectric power scheme in the 1970s Tullah reached a population of 2500. It's role in the Hydro developments saw Tullah featured in the Richard Flanagan novel "The Sound of One Hand Clapping" in 1997.

Located on the shores of Lake Rosebery, at the base of Mt Farrell, Tullah can be explored on foot, bike, boat or kayak. A peaceful village with a calm atmosphere the locals are always happy to have a chat and give advice on the best places to explore.

When travelling to Tullah note that there is no petrol available - but many a place to take a break, enjoy a drink and a magnificent view.

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