Borne of survival


people of the mist

A town dominated by mining as much as it is the dense forest surrounds Rosebery lies in the shadow of Mount Black, within the West Coast Range.

With the highest postcode in Australia, Rosebery is also claim to the steepest golf course in Australia. Nearby Mount Read has Tasmania's highest rainfall.

Welcome to the rainforest. Don't complain about the rain.


back to basics

Rosebery was settled when gold was discovered by Tom McDonald in 1893. Until the Murchison Highway opened in the 1960s the town was connected with North West Tasmania by the Emu Bay Railway.

Today, mining remains the core industry at Rosebery, its mine one of the richest on the West.

Many people visit Rosebery whilst making their way to Tasmania's highest waterfall - the magnificent Montezuma Falls is a short distance outside the town. Rosebery was also the childhood home to award-winning novelist Richard Flanagan.

Whilst in Rosebery keep an eye out for the old aerial ore bucket ropeway, once used to move ore from the nearby Hercules mine to Rosebery.

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