7 items.

1 epic road trip.

We’re not here to talk about the boring stuff, so you might need to look elsewhere if you want a list that includes packing your driver’s license.

These seven things will take your road trip from good to epic - beyond the range of mobile signal. 

1. Playlists

The first thing you’ll want is some great playlists or podcasts saved and available for offline use – and preferably ones that will get you singing at the top of your lungs as you cruise through ancient rainforest and deserted ghost towns.

2. Sturdy, waterproof walking shoes. 

Believe us when we say that you’re going to want to stop and breathe in the clean air along the way – it is some of the freshest in the world, after all.  There’s plenty of short walks to embark on during the journey, as well as once you’re here. Wear them, or make sure you can reach them easily!

3. A comfy, warm jacket… and maybe a pair of gloves.

We don’t care if it’s summer, you’ll need to be prepared for four seasons in one day. This drive can take you through dustings of snow and sunlit grassy plains within minutes. And you’re going to want to stop and touch that snow if you find it!

4. Don't forget your camera

Whatever you do! And have it handy for the drive as there are plenty of wow moments and places to pull in and snap a moody landscape or three.

Gormanston Hill, Queenstown

Gormanston Hill, Queenstown

Donaghy's Hill - photo courtesy of Jess Bonde

Donaghy's Hill - photo courtesy of Jess Bonde

5. A thermos and camp cups.

Throw them in the back of the car and stop along the journey to enjoy a hot cuppa. Whether you reach for coffee or tea, or you take it next level and try a hot elderberry cordial with a shot of the honey you found along the way, you’ll be glad you didn’t leave home without these.

6. Ginger, other remedies - or a bucket.

Unless you’re driving, those windy, mountainous and somewhat spectacular roads can get you feeling a little woozy. Bananas, watching the horizon (when you can!) and winding down the window all help. Lucky the West is worth it!

7. A sense of adventure.

Don’t make plans, just take your time and stop regularly to enjoy the journey itself. Be prepared to do a u-turn and double back to a breathtaking lookout, a new distillery to discover or the museum you just missed. 


For more tips on making the most of your West Coast visit, check out the Local Tips - as provided by those that know best, the locals. 

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Macquarie Heads, Strahan

Macquarie Heads, Strahan