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Photography Competition

Think you can capture the West Coast?

Show us.

Got a camera? 

Of course you do.  We need to have a quick word.

We all know the West Coast is a pretty amazing place to live and work.

Across all the seasons, there’s something about life here that sets the West Coast apart: the understated tranquility; the raw emotions; the weird and wonderful spirit; the unhurried adventures.

So, to show off how good we have it, we’re hosting a photo competition - but as this is the West Coast, things are a little different.

We’re encouraging everyone of all ages, whether you use an antique field camera or an iPhone, shoot landscapes or portraits, to capture that west-of-centre feeling of life in the West Coast.

Selected photos will be featured on the official West Coast Instagram account @westcoasttas, exhibited on the West Coast in October 2020 and elgible for some great prizes.

If you have an itchy shutter finger and would like to show off what the West Coast means to you, start shooting and sharing today.

Submissions close September 7, 2020.


* in line with government policies regarding COVID-19, we ask all participants to adhere to travel policies and recommended social distancing and hygiene practices. Photographs taken before restrictions may be shared and included in the competition showcase.

A pining tradition at Morrison's Sawmill, Strahan

A pining tradition at Morrison's Sawmill, Strahan

award categories

West Coast Youth – sponsored by For The People

- Under 14 ($200 photography equipment)
- Under 16 ($500 photography equipment)
- Under 18 ($1000 photography equipment)


West Coast Award – sponsored by Granville Wind Farm ($1000)

-      Winning entry from a West Coast resident


The Traveller Award – sponsored by World Heritage Cruises and Morrison’s Huon Pine Sawmill ($500)

-      Winning entry from person living outside the West Coast


Student’s Choice Award – sponsored by West Coast Council ($250)

-      Winning entry as selected by West Coast school students


Short answers to common questions

How do I submit?

Easy. Share your images on Instagram using the hashtag #westcoasttas and tagging @westcoasttas

What if I’m not on Instagram?

Not a problem. Images can be emailed to  Images should be at least 3MB.

Will I get paid?

No. But it’s likely someone will shout you a drink after discovering you’re a famous photographer.

Will I be famous?

If your photograph is used in the West Coast’s social media feeds or digital accounts, your name/handle will be credited. Also, see above.

Will my image be featured elsewhere?

Good question.

Selected images may used to support the West Coast brand to attract and retain people living and working on the West Coast; to showcase a cohesive West Coast identity for visitor economy marketing; and to build awareness of West Coast’s creative communities.

T & Cs

- Hashtagging your images with #westcoasttas does not guarantee that your content will be shared or selected for exhibition.

- Submissions will be moderated. West Coast Council reserves the right not to accept, share, post or exhibit the content for any reason or remove the content for any reason at any time, at our discretion.

- West Coast Council will seek permission for use of your image

- The competition commences on 1 August 2020 at midday (EST) and concludes on 7 September 2020 at midday (EST).  A panel will then select a series of entries for exhibition in October 2020.  The panel selection decision is final. 

Mount Farrell walk, Tullah

Mount Farrell walk, Tullah