Field Guide

Getting Around


Travel times can be longer than you expect and once you arrive, you’ll understand why we say not to rush. You’ll want to do more than just scratch the surface of what we have to experience.  

Once you’ve answered the call to come, you’ll make your own path, but be prepared - for any weather conditions and for wanting to stop every couple of kilometres to capture that next great scenic shot. 

Allow plenty of time to get to the West Coast, and even longer to explore.


There’s a registered airport at Strahan and an unregistered airport in Queenstown which are both used regularly.   Regular flights are available three days a week from Hobart to Strahan (return), via Par Avion, who also offer chartered West Coast experiences.

Fuel Up

We run on West Coast time, away from convenience and excess so when it comes to fuel make sure you keep your vehicle filled up.  Not all of our towns have petrol stations, and some are cash-less and not open at night. 

Queenstown – Caltex , open 24hrs (card and cash during business hours, cashless overnight)
Zeehan – United, open 24hrs, cashless
BP petrol stations are also located in Zeehan, Strahan and Rosebery

EV Charging Stations

That’s right, you can charge your electric vehicle on the West Coast at Strahan Village where there's an EV plug for Tesla model cars.


West Coast roads are perfect for cycling.  Follow all the same tips as with driving – but add in sunscreen and wet weather clothing.  Chances are you’ll need both. 

Some of our roads are quite narrow, with some tricky corners.  Be mindful that we have busy roads where some motorists might not be used to cyclists.

Public Transport

There's an integrated bus service connecting West Coast towns and North and SouthTasmania. It is strongly recommended to regularly check bus timetables and book ahead as much as possible.  For the latest bus timetables visit the Department of State Growth (Transport) and Overland Track Transport.  For charter bus services visit RoamWild.    

Bradshaw's Bridge, Lyell Highway

Bradshaw's Bridge, Lyell Highway


West Coast roads are not for the faint hearted.  Sealed, gravel, corners, hills, there's all types.  Our weather changes quickly, with blue skies and sunshine turning to rain, hail and icy road conditions within the space of a couple of kilometres.  Black ice is common, especially in shady areas.

Driving on West Coast roads takes some concentration. Don’t miss a minute of the journey, take your time and stop along the way for regular breaks.  We want you to make it one piece, not too tired to immerse yourself in our region.

Always drive to the road conditions, you never know what’s around the corner.  Look out for wildlife and roadkill, especially at dawn and dusk.

Be mindful of other road users and if wanting to stop to take photos, enjoy the scenery or check maps, be sure to pull safely off the road. 

Before starting your journey check for road closures or weather alerts. Staff at the local Visitor Information Centre can also provide on-the-ground information. 

To hire a car on the West Coast contact Drive Car Hire Tasmania 

DRIVE times

From Launceston 
Queenstown (3hr, 30min)
Strahan (3hr, 55min)
Zeehan (3hr, 4min)
Rosebery (2hr, 28min)
Tullah (2hr, 28min)

From Hobart
Queenstown (3hr, 40min)
Strahan (5hr)
Zeehan (4hr, 3min)
Rosebery (4hr,19min)
Tullah (4hr, 20min)

From Burnie
Queenstown (2hr, 4min)
Strahan (2hr, 16min)
Zeehan (1hr, 48min)
Rosebery (1hr, 26min)
Tullah (1hr, 11min)

From Devonport
Queenstown (2hr, 25min
Strahan (2hr, 44min)
Zeehan (2hr, 16min)
Rosebery (1hr, 54min)
Tullah (1hr, 39min)


Cycling, Lake Burbury

Cycling, Lake Burbury