Field Guide


Weather is a big talking point on the West Coast.

We have four distinct seasons – often in a single day – and the weather will make itself known to you.

Bring your hat and sunscreen.  But also bring a raincoat.  It’s an experience. 

Summer is consistently 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.  We have stunningly warm days, with the sun burning warmer here than “on the mainland”. 

Perfect for fishing, a day at the lake or beach, walks and exploring. 

On the West Coast you’ll be near temperate rainforests and the sea. 

As a result, the West Coast area is the wettest region in Tasmania.


Mount Owen, Queenstown

Mount Owen, Queenstown

Surfing, Trial Harbour

Surfing, Trial Harbour

Winter is the perfect time to experience the area.

Wander through the pristine wilderness (with sturdy boots), smell the fresh air and listen to the sound of waterfalls. 

Or head indoors and immerse yourself in our museums and galleries, warming up in our cafes and restaurants whilst enjoying snow-capped mountain views.

Amongst all this wild, you’ll still find a sense of calm. 

A stillness on the lake, a bird perched in a tree and a friendly smile from a local happy to say “Welcome to the rainforest…. don’t complain about the rain…”